Welcome to Saved Magazine!

We are excited about the re-launch of Saved Magazine! Saved is a monthly spiritually driven lifestyle publication. We cover all aspects of the spiritual believers life such as: spirituality, religion, health, relationships, business, world views, history, community and feature: community leaders, authors and entertainers, spiritual leaders and much more! Saved dares to delve into taboo and controversial topics that many would deem "hands off" by most  traditional spiritual publications. We strive to offer a journalistic and educational perspective in to many topics, spiritual beliefs, history and current events. Saved strives it's self on our journalistic integrity in offering our readers an unbiased view of various topics that will ruffle some feathers but most assuredly, will have everyone talking! Saved is available in print form in the Metro-Detroit area, but you can read a copy of Saved monthly, right here on our website!
Our Mission

To provide a bevy of information on various subjects of interest to the spiritual believer with integrity and journalistic fairness.


Publisher - Lora Modock-Butts

Director of Content - Vanessa Lynn

Senior Staff Writer - Deborah Chenault-Green

Marketing and Design Director - Miles Dixon