Kolour to Release New Single ‘U Ah Mess’

Musgrove Music Distribution, in conjunction with distributing giant Concore/Universal Music Distribution, announces the release of the new single, ‘U Ah Mess’, from Miami-based Christian Rap/Hip-Hop group, Kolour. ‘U Ah Mess’ is burning up the local airways and setting the charts ablaze with its witty yet compelling lyrics and its unmistakable signature Miami Bass sound.'U Ah Mess' is available for purchase on virtually all internet download/streaming sites. (Click on 'U Ah Mess' underlined above to purchase your copy of the single from iTunes right now!)

Kolour cleverly delivers a consummate Sunday School message that allows young people and the young-at-heart to “turn up”. If you want to dance; or elevate your mind through the lyrics; or “floss” in your ride while bumping the speakers with ground-shaking bass contained in the beat, ‘U Ah Mess’ has all of this for you and then some.

Kolour’s ‘U Ah Mess’ brings into perspective the age-old problem of people in ministry who look down their nose at those who are at different places in their spiritual journey, particularly newer Christians. The lyrics bring to light that everybody is an “ex-something,” and that deliverance for all comes from the same place—God’s grace. ‘U Ah Mess’ is a reminder to seasoned Christians that all children in the Kingdom of God are growing in Him, and that no Christians have “arrived” yet.

Kolour is yet another amazing group in the Musgrove family of artists that exemplify the diversity of Musgrove Music Distribution’s artist roster. Whether it’s for the independent artist who needs management and/or promotional services; or for a smaller record label that needs to have a distribution affiliate in place; Musgrove Music Distribution is the “one-stop” “go-to” resource, fulfilling the needs of artists and organizations that don’t have access to the promotional power of a major record label.

The company was formed after its founder, Daniel Musgrove observed that there was an overabundance of great gospel/Christian music being created that would never achieve its fullest potential, nor make a substantial public impact, without sufficient support. With his efforts combined with distribution conglomerate Concore/Universal Music Distribution, Musgrove works to provide music publishing services; multi-media development; marketing campaigns; promotions; booking and management; video production; and other services that prove invaluable to individual artists and/or up-and-coming record labels.

“And you can believe that Kolour is taking full advantage of everything that Musgrove Music Distribution has to offer,” says Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO.

Kolour is a “dynamic duo” of talent, consisting of S. Caliber, a native of Miami, Florida; and King Ace, born in Brooklyn NY, but lived in Miami most of his life. As part of their identity, the guys also refer to themselves as “The Splash Brothers.” When asked why, King Ace explains, “Kolour splashes! If life is like a plain white canvas, we are the ones that add the color to it.” And “splash” is exactly what they do, as they deliver their personal brand of rhythm and poetry that travels across the senses in waves of sound.

When asked about their musical influences, Kolour will point you in the direction of all things Miami, as their desire is to promote the classic Miami sound made famous by “Trick Daddy,” “Uncle Luke,” and other legends of the genre…but with one exception: they maintain that they want to keep the lyrical content of their music positive and substantive. They desire to make music that is palatable to all audiences, as well as to have music with a message.

Previously, the Christian Hip-Hop duo bore the name ‘Team Jesus.’ During that time, their function was edifying the body of Christ while making their own unique contribution to Christian Hip-Hop culture (i.e. artistic expression, fashion, vernacular, etc.). But according to S. Caliber, “Team Jesus was the caterpillar—Kolour is the butterfly.”
The group believes that God is “multi-dimensional,” in that one single act of obedience garners multiple outcomes. These are the colors that God uses to make His presence known in the world.

“There is a ‘language barrier’ between the church and the world,” says S. Caliber. “Kolour speaks the ‘language’ to overcome that barrier and reach the people that need Christ.” This is the foundation of Kolour’s ideology for evangelical outreach. They do music to edify the body of Christ, but they also have the musical “fish and loaves” in hand to feed a world of non-believers.

“U Ah Mess” came from the group’s concern with the so-called “perfect Christian.” Kolour maintains that a “holier-than-thou” disposition detracts from the message of Jesus, as it shuns and “pushes away” people that aren’t “perfect.” Kolour is resolute in their goal to present an image of God that is accessible to a world that may feel alienated by the more “traditional” ways in which people entreat God.

When asked about the future, Kolour makes it clear that they do not want to be placed in a “box” that demands that they do only Christian Hip-Hop. Their intent is to cross over into other markets to deliver positive music to the masses in the most comprehensive way. Their intent is to be able to operate in both Christian and secular arenas, while maintaining the same positive message in both categories.

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