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  • Mental Health and Faith

    When you see a man walking down the street talking to himself, what is your first thought? Most likely it’s, “He is crazy!” What about...

  • The Heart Chakra: Love, Compassion

    When your heart chakra is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and... (Read More)

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Your Power Zone

    We believe at that God is the All of Allness and this power lives in you...Find Power and Warrior Energy in Your Third Chakra.......

  • Peace For Jesus

    I was reading about in cyber space and found a website that is a space created for Atheist and other spiritual and religious believers. I...

  • Fruits of Love For the Spirit

    Religious quotes and or scriptures can feed the soul like an apple... (Read More)

  • Spirituality Is The Root of Religion

    Growing up, you are taught that you must go to church to seek God. I found that religion can stunt your spiritual growth. To me,...

  • The Favor of God

    The best definition of the word favor is “demonstrated delight... (click here for full story)

  • Prayer and Tragedies

    Tragedies happen every day, whether here in the United States or across the world... (click here for full story)

  • Gods Blessing: A Mother

    Mothers are an important part of the origin stories of many religions... (click here for full story)

  • A Presidents Faith Base

    So what do we know about the candidates who have launched their campaigns when it comes to their faith....???? (click here for full story)